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Equipped with computerized devices e.g. electronic mechanical test and accurate raw materials test equipment, all the control system is carried out under supervision highly skilled manpower through Our product design, appearance and performance have met international test standard such as JWL, JWL-T, VIA, SFI and TUV. EXCEL is certified with TUV and soon QS-9000, which means a further guarantee for customer satisfaction.
As our main customers are OEM, for the good appearance of the car, from the early stage of vehicles development, the designs of EXCEL wheels are done by creative team who work closely with car manufacturer's design department. The design carries out in three dimensional computerized devices, followed by prototypes which greatly assist in the decision of choosing the design. The capability of our engineering teams in making the moulding process runs smoothly, ensures all customers' requirement met quickly, exactly and in line with the specification.
With the responsibility to serve the global market, EXCEL has applied QCD policy that encourages its employees to produce high standard quality of wheels with minimum cost and to deliver on schedule. To satisfy the customer requirement, our production facility is now ready to produce wheels up to 20 inches.